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Lightelligence is an open design system and platform designed to create custom tailored IoT solutions for partners in the light and building market. Our UX/UI team embraced the challenge of managing complexity and agile development by developing a versatile design system that ensured a uniform user experience and scalable components for the a variety of applications and the platform itself.

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Osram Lightelligence sketch libraries and files in Abstract

The situation

Make IoT accessible

Lightelligence is an open IoT platform and ecosystem in the light and building market. It simplifies the development of IoT software and provides clients with a full stack turn key IoT solution that can be applied to a huge range of industries. In order to ensure a quality standard for the design and user experience, we created an open source design system. Tools like Abstract helped us to enable collaborative work and manage the scope of the design system, which can be found on GitHub.

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Osram Lightelligence design system components and foundation
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The challenge

Demonstrating capability

Although we already had an extensive design system, we decided to update almost every single component and release version 2.0. With the rapidly growing number of components, more extensive documentation of the foundations and components became necessary. While maintaining and updating the Design System and our platform already provided a good foundation for custom application development by clients, it was time for a change. Unfortunately, a product or service doesn't sell itself - at least in most cases. To promote the product and demonstrate the capabilities of the platform, we designed prototypes and smaller applications that were shared with potential customers.

Osram Lightelligence official API documentation screens

The solution

Merging and documenting

In addition to the detailed documentation, we developed a dedicated Lightelligence API Docs website, which was also implemented on the basis of the design system. Some of the applications for marketing that were initially developed in smaller teams were discontinued or merged into much more sophisticated solutions. Arguably the most important, "Building Central" was enriched with functionalities such as the ability to add buildings and floor plans on its own and a sophisticated notification management system.

Osram Lightelligence Building Central app screens

My contribution

Facility and design system management

The UI/UX team independently took care of the customer's communication and advice. In agile processes, we jointly developed new components and features and were significantly involved in the implementation of complex IoT applications. During my work for Lightelligence, I decisively shaped the design system and established the use of illustrations for the emotionalization of the platform. I played a key role in conceptualising and designing the first prototypes and applications for facility management and analysis.